A Guide to Relocating to Seattle Through the Seasons

Seattle, a city of ever-changing weather and scenic beauty, awaits families seeking a new adventure. This guide offers insights into Seattle's seasons, making it easier for families from various states like California, Texas, and New York to plan their move.

1. Spring in Seattle:
Lively and Competitive
Spring is a vibrant and competitive season in Seattle's real estate market, with nature awakening in all its glory.

Weather Overview: Average high temperatures in March, April, and May are 54°F, 59°F, and 65°F, respectively, with rainfall averaging 1.79", 1.07", and 0.63"​​​​​​.

Moving Tips: Despite the competition, spring offers a wide range of housing options. Waterproof gear for your belongings is essential due to the occasional rain.

Traffic Insights: Longer daylight hours can lead to heavier traffic, especially during rush hours. Planning your move during off-peak times can help avoid congestion.

Activities: Explore the blooming beauty of the Seattle Japanese Garden or participate in the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

2. Summer:
Seattle's Season of Sunshine
Summer in Seattle is dry and sunny, perfect for moving and outdoor activities.

Weather Overview: Rainfall is minimal, averaging 0.36", 0.08", and 0.11" in June, July, and August. Temperatures average in the low to mid-70s​​​​​​.

Moving Tips: Plan and book moving services well in advance due to the peak season. Remember sun protection and hydration.

Traffic Insights: Tourist attractions and routes to natural spots may see increased traffic.

Activities: Visit Pike Place Market, kayak on Lake Union, or hike in Mount Rainier National Park.

3. Fall:
A Tapestry of Colors and Rain
Fall in Seattle brings mild weather and the beginning of the rainy season.

Weather Overview: Average high temperatures in September, October, and November are 71°F, 61°F, and 52°F, with rainfall increasing to 0.34", 1.40", and 2.82", respectively​​​​​​.

Moving Tips: Prepare for changing weather conditions. Layered clothing and waterproof materials for your belongings are necessary.

Traffic Insights: Increased traffic during school hours; weather reports are vital for planning your move.

Activities: Witness the salmon run at Ballard Locks or enjoy the autumn colors at Discovery Park.

4. Winter:
Cozy Indoors and Rainy Outdoors
Winter in Seattle is known for its frequent rain and cozy indoor atmosphere.

Weather Overview: Temperatures average in the low to mid-40s with 2.30", 1.46", and 2.68" of rainfall in December, January, and February​​​​​​. Snow is rare, averaging about 6.3 inches annually​​.

Moving Tips: Flexibility is key due to the rain. Protect your belongings from moisture and plan for weather-related delays.

Traffic Insights: Rain can cause slower traffic and occasional road closures.

Activities: Explore indoor attractions like the Seattle Art Museum or venture to nearby mountains for winter sports.

Each season in Seattle offers unique experiences and challenges, making it a dynamic place to call home. Understanding the city's weather patterns and planning accordingly can make your family's move smoother and more enjoyable.

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