Looking for Your Next AirBnB Location?

So your looking to create an investment property in Washington; where do you start? Keep reading to find out what AirBnB's are totally making a killing (learn from the those who are where you want to be!) and what cities have increased in overall AirBnB''s.

The top areas with AirBnB's

When it comes to Washington, AirBnB hosts capitalize on the unique things that the PNW offers that can't be found elsewhere. Unique getaways in the trees, mountains, and on the ocean are guaranteed to be hotspots for AirBnB's west of the Cascades. If not to have a unique experience, then majority of locals and tourists are booking AirBnB's for their mountain adventures. 


Hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, you name it. Just look at any of the major roadways into the mountains (Highway 2, 12, and Interstate 90) and you will see lots of little red dots with AirBnB's appear. Skykomish and Leavenworth (Steven's Pass), Cle Elum and Rosalyn (Snoqualmie Pass), and Packwood (White Pass) in particular have seen a significant rise in AirBnB's over the last several years due to the popular year round activites that can be found there. 


On the ocean front, the city of Ocean Shores and Westport (really, any city along Highway 101) all the way up to Forks draws in those wanting to soak in the ocean air and even, yes, go surfing. Unlike the beaches of California, taking a trip to the ocean in Washington is a relaxing experience, sure to have very minimal if any visitors other than the local deer as you walk with the sand between your toes. Colorful huts and 3-story viewing decks are the name of the game when it comes to coastal AirBnB's. 


Lastly, and perhaps my personal favorite, are unique getaways. Treehouse stays, geodomes, fire lookouts (fun fact: of the original 656, there are 93 active fire lookouts still in WA! While most are open to the public, there are a handful that you can rent out to insure that you have the place to yourself), and off-grid stays are just a few of the destination AirBnB's you'll find. While they may be in popular tourist locations, these type of stays are often off the beaten path, making the trip to the AirBnB solely for the experience. The San Juan Islands and national parks are known for having these types of AirBnB's, such as the famous Forest House on Orcas Island. 

The top 5 wish-list AirBnB's in WA: (in no particular order)

1. Underground Hygge (Hobbit House) - Orondo, WA

2. Eagles Nest - Port Angeles, WA

3. Earthlight - Waterville, WA

4. Tye Haus - Skykomish, WA

5. Dome Sweet Dome - Battle Ground, WA

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