Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

In the month of April (1st-30th), Mount Vernon, WA is abuzz with visitors traveling from not only all across the state, but the country (and internationally) as well. The Skagit Valley tulip festival is in full swing, and has been the ultimate spring time venture for the past 39 years. For 30 days, visitors get to experience the fields at peak growing times before the flowers are harvested for the season.

Four seperate gardens make up the festival, each attracting visitors depending on their tastes. You have to buy tickets to each garden individually, but no matter which garden you pick you are bound to have a memorable experience. Currently, there is no ticket option that can be applied to multiple gardens, and they each have their own set of rules (some allow pets, and some don't for example). It is recommended to plan your visit in advance, to ensure that tickets are not sold out on the day you would like to come.

Can't decide which garden to visit? Read below to find out more:



Known worldwide for its spring gardens, RoozenGaarde is where you will get the most bang for your buck. With over 5 acres of display gardens that are redisgned and replanted by hand annually, over 25 acres of tulip fields, and 25 acres of daffodils, there is plenty to see and do as you walk amongst the rows filled with millions of flowers loving cared for. Because of the delicate gardens, no pets are allowed in this garden (see Tulip Valley and Tulip Town for this!). More information and tickets here.

Garden Rosalyn


While smaller than RoozenGaarde, Garden Rosalyn is a mixture of tulips and dahlias complete with a resident family of ducks and geeese. It is the only garden available for events and parties, and many are known to have their weddings here.

More about Garden Rosalyn. Buy tickets here.

Tulip Valley Farms


What makes Tulip Valley different from the other gardens is it's park-like experience. What does that mean? Instead of endless rows of flowers, you will find 30 acres of tulips interwoven amongst trees, along with grass between the rows (compared to just mud). For those who are keen on getting photos, especially with children, this is an excellent perk. Better yet, pets are allowed!  

More About Tulip Valley Farms. Buy tickets for family and pets here.

Tulip Town


While people love to have photos taken at the other three gardens, what sets Tulip Town apart is that is offers exclusive access to the gardens during non-public hours (sunrise and sunset) in addition to the public day hours. These specific time slots are limited and available at an additional cost, but the reward is golden hour photos not filled with visitors in every direction photobombing your photos. There's also a trolley ride, a beer and wine garden (21+).

For more information click here. For tickets (pet admission is free at this garden!) click here.

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